What Kind of Bugs Live in Carpet in The Lakes, NV; Carpet Beetles, Fleas that Bite & More

We all know that taking care of your carpets and other flooring is a chore. If you ignore the floors and only focus on cleaning the rest of the house you will have a disaster in no time. The amount of dirt and debris that is on the carpet and floors can be extreme after only a short amount of time. That is why having a plan to keep your carpets clean is essential. The dirt that comes in your house can be on shoes, clothes, pets and just in the air. All of that has to end up somewhere and that often is the floor. The carpet needs to be treated with care and vacuumed on a regular basis. If you allow dirt to sit on the carpet for too long it can cause damage to the fibers. That once luxurious and fluffy carpet that you had will be dense. You also need to have a plan for cleaning up spills, stains and spots. Each spill is something different and needs to be treated with the right method. If you have mud on your carpet patience is key. You need to allow the mud to dry fully before doing any cleaning at all. If you have any wet stain speed is the answer. The faster you get to it the better the odds are of removing it. Another part of carpet care that you may not even know about is pests! They are tiny bugs, insects and beetles that can be living on your carpet.

Tough Carpet Cleaning Lists the Top Pests That Can Live in Carpet

Carpet Beetles: Have you been noticing that your carpet is going bald? Well you are not alone! There are many people that have the same struggle as you and it has nothing to do with the age of your carpet. The carpet will not naturally shed its fibers so if you are noticing patches then you probably are suffering from carpet beetles. They are a pest that can be found on your carpets not only living there but feeding on it! They can be hiding in the carpet fibers and often are under a dresser or other large piece of furniture. They will eat the fibers that are around their area until there is nothing left. This is usually the first sign that people notice when they realize they have carpet beetles. They can be removed from your carpet by a professional carpet cleaner. Our industrial cleaning equipment is able to remove them so that you can have the carpet repaired.
Fleas: We know that most people think that fleas are strictly for dogs but they are not. They are actually a parasite that just needs to find a host to feed on a meal of blood. This can be a person or animal. The dog might be the reason they get in the house but once in the carpet they would be happy to stay. They need to have a blood meal but are able to stay alive for about a year without it if necessary.

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