Wet or Dried Blood Carpet Stain Removal in Peccole Ranch, NV; Helpful Cleaning Tips

Trying to keep your carpet clean is a difficult process. That is because the carpets are constantly being assaulted by your dirty shoes, oily skin and pets running around. There are some many issues that can come when your carpet is being trampled on. Some of those things is the overuse in one area causing a high traffic area. The other issue is dealing with spills! Spills are a problem for everyone and dropping your morning coffee to a toddler dripping their juice on the carpet are a few. The other issue that you might have is if you have pets that live in the house. Some of the stains that you may end up trying to clean off your carpet can be very difficult if you do not clean it right. Blood stains is one of those stains that will easily be set in rather than removed. Blood has a level of resistance that means you need to use just the right method or risk a permanent stain.

Tough Carpet Cleaning Outlines Steps You Can Take to Clean Blood Stains From Your Carpet

Is the Blood on Carpet Wet or Dry?: If you are dealing with blood on the carpet that has had time to dry the process will be a bit different. You want to make sure that you find a soft bristle brush that you can use for carpet stain treatments. You should use the brush to agitate the blood that has dried and this will chip some of the excess off the area. Then follow up with a vacuum to clear away what you were able to get off the carpet. This is only the first step which prepares the spot to be cleaned with the right solution.
Use the Right Temperature to Treat Blood on Carpet: One of the most common parts of cleaning solutions that you will find happens to be warm water. The problem that exists when you clean blood with warm or hot water is that the blood will actually set in the stain. You need to make sure that you get a cold water base when you mix any cleaning solutions.
Salt Blood Stain Removal Method: You can use the salt method when you are trying to clean blood off the carpet. It is best to do when the blood is fresh and has not had time to dry. You want to use cold water and make a paste with standard table salt. Once the paste is ready you want to cover the spot with it and allow it to sit in place for several minutes. Then you can pick up the salt and with it you will see the blood has soaked into it. It is a great way to pull the blood from the carpet.
Removing Blood with Ammonia: Another solution that you can use to clean your carpet is to use cold water mixed with ammonia. You want to start with a cup of cold water and add in about a tablespoon of ammonia. This will cause the blood stain to break down and allow you the chance to dab at it with a clean white cloth.

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