Water Extraction, Drying, Flood Damage Cleanup & Restoration Process in Anthem, NV

The odds of homeowners experiencing water damage is fairly high with the many different variables that come into play. From experiencing natural causes like a leaky roof from an extreme rain storm, or malfunctioning appliances, sewer issues, burst pipes and a number of other scenarios, enduring water damage is a problem that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent extensive damage and mold and/or mildew growth. Acting quickly can manage to save much of the structure and your possessions. Calling a professional that is armed with experience and quality equipment and products can also make a difference, which is why we at Tough Carpet Cleaning would like to briefly discuss the water damage restoration process.

Water Damage Restoration Process

Water Extraction: Removing as much water as possible is the top priority. Especially so in severe cases, the standardized procedure among professionals is to remove the furniture and clutter from the space and identify the extent of the problem as well as draw up as much of the water as possible. Once the excess liquid is extracted by using high-powered equipment, an inspection of the damage to the carpeting, padding, baseboards, casing, drywall, and insulation is often assessed. These organic materials can be easily corrupted with mold and other microbes that can pose a health risk and expedite deterioration. To save as much of the structure and as many possessions as possible, water extraction is the first step.
Complete Structural Drying: The standing liquid is thoroughly removed with the use of industrial strength pumps. Following the extraction of the standing water, a strategic pattern of high-powered strength air mover fans and dehumidifiers are placed in order to draw out the moisture that has been absorbed into the materials, especially carpet and carpet padding. The dehumidifier pulls moisture out of the air and contains it for proper disposal while the fans circulate air around the wet items and wick moisture off of the saturated material. Moisture meters equipped with probes used during the drying process detect the level of moisture in a specific location, allowing the professionals to monitor the progress in an effort to keep tabs on the rate the carpet and other affected areas are drying. The drying process can take up to several days depending on the severity of the flood and how quickly professionals respond to the flooding.
Carpet Cleaning & Sanitizing Treatment: Following the extraction and drying procedure as well as any replacing of the materials such as drywall, baseboards, and insulation if need be, the carpets, even if they were removed to ensure the subfloor was dried, needs to be cleaned and treated. Excessive saturation on carpets and carpet padding, especially if the flooding was due to a sewer problem, can breed bacteria, germs, mildew, mold, and other such microbes. If the carpets didn’t sustain enough damage to call for replacing, they should be professionally cleaned and treated. Professionals will use state-of-the-art equipment and formulated products designed for water damage to completely clean, sanitize, and deodorize the carpets.

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When you experience water damage inside your home or business, call in the professionals of Tough Carpet Cleaning and let our experts get started as quickly as possible to contain the water and prevent additional damage.

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