Mattress Cleaning in Aliante, NV to Improve Indoor Air Quality, Reduce Asthma, Get Rid of Dust Mites & More

Right now, the world is reeling with the effects of the coronavirus. Everywhere you turn there is more news about COVID-19. Hopefully you are doing your part to stop the spread of the virus so that you and your family can stay safe through this pandemic. With the government urging everyone to stay inside our homes as much as possible you may be looking for project to complete inside your homes. Tough Carpet Cleaning has a suggestion for you to consider. We suggest that you take time to clean your mattresses in your home at this time. There are many benefits of cleaning your mattress. Today we want to take the time to discuss them with you.

Clean Mattress to Improve Indoor Air Quality

One benefit of cleaning your mattress is that it improves the indoor air quality of your home. It is suggested that the average adult should get 8 hours of sleep every day. This amounts to 1/3 of your lifetime that you should spend sleeping. With the amount of time you spend in your room, improving the indoor air quality in your bedroom is definitely important. Cleaning your mattress will get rid of the dust particles that are hiding in your mattress.

Get Rid of Dust Mites on Mattress

In addition to dust particles, dust mites and bugs are excellent at hiding in your mattresses. The soft, dark, warm environment of your mattress is the perfect place for dust mites and bugs to hide. No one wants to sleep with either of these things in their bed. The longer that bugs spend in your mattress the more that they reproduce as well. Cleaning your mattress will prevent these dust mites and bugs from being able to live in your room.

Cleaning Mattress to Reduce Asthma & Allergies

When you clean your mattress, you will help reduce asthma and allergy symptoms in your home. As discussed above, dust and bugs like to live in your mattresses. Those that suffer from asthma and allergy will notice an increase in their symptoms when your mattresses are not clean. Cleaning your mattresses will help your loved ones stay healthier on a daily basis. This seems even more important right now with the world talking about taking extra precautions to stay healthy.

Remove Dead Skin Cells from Mattress

Each and every night humans shed skin and hair when they sleep. This dead skin and hair will stay on your sheets and mattress if you do not clean them. Most people regularly clean their sheets but forget to clean their mattress. Cleaning your mattress will make it so that you are not sleeping on your old dead skin and hair.

Remove Yellow Sweat & Other Stains from Mattress

As we sleep we also transfer sweat, odors, and other fluids onto our mattress. Just like the dead skin and hair, no one wants to continue sleeping on these fluids. When we do not think about it we are good, but the minute that we think about what we might actually be sleeping in our skin begins to crawl. Get rid of that creepy feeling by cleaning your mattress.

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There are clearly many different benefits to cleaning the mattresses in your house. Call Tough Carpet Cleaning for cleaning and sanitizing of your carpet, rugs and sofas.

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