Importance of Carpet Maintenance in Peccole Ranch, NV; Annual Steam Cleaning, Daily Vacuuming & More

Proper carpet maintenance and care is far more than occasionally running a vacuum over the surface. To keep the carpets looking great, protecting them from wear, and preserving their longevity, are often inspired to do what you can, particularly when you invest in high-quality carpets. The rest of the home is impacted as well with well-maintained and cared for carpets. We at Tough Carpet Cleaning would like to this time to discuss the basics of maintenance and care and why it is important today.

Daily Vacuuming

Daily carpet vacuuming should be the ultimate goal, though we know and understand that people cannot always afford the time to vacuum the carpets that often. Carpets need to be frequently vacuumed, even the carpets that are rarely walked on and do not appear dirty. Though the more the better, you should vacuum at the very least, once a week. From shoes and paws majority of the dirt and debris is dragged onto your carpet and some of it settles from the air as well. Since the dirt and debris is a natural abrasive and walking creates traction, the issue with letting the dirt accumulate is the damage from a produced sandpaper-like effect. The carpets look dingy, dull, old, and matted as well. While preserving the longevity and condition, routinely vacuuming keeps the carpets looking remarkable. Incorporate a no shoes worn on the carpets rule to help reduce the wear and the tracked in dirt.

Avoiding Sun Damage to Carpet

After long-term sunlight exposure, the carpets take a toll. With the direct sunlight, the fibers are dried out and the color fades. To prevent these damaging effects, have the blinds, curtains, and/or drapes closed during the peak sunlight hours or be sure to install UV film. Also, to help even the wear re-arranging the furniture to create new paths whenever possible.

Annual Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning

According to the industry leaders and manufacturers, the carpets need to be deep cleaned every 6-12 months by professionals. You can extend the professional cleaning to an annual event if you diligently vacuum and clean up spills, however, carpets with heavy foot traffic should be cleaned twice a year. The main one being that warranties may only be valid with documented proof of regular professional cleaning, though there are countless reasons why. Along with neutralizing any developing odors as wells lifting the spots and stains, professional cleaning is the superior solution for effectively removing the buildup of dirt and debris. You can contribute to the indoor air quality of your home as well by reducing the allergy and asthma attacks when you ensure you routinely vacuum your carpets and schedule professional deep cleaning at least once a year.

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Your carpets can last to their projected lifespan and potentially beyond while staying in excellent condition and looking vibrant and lovely with the right care and maintenance, including professional cleanings, ultimately. Call Tough Carpet Cleaning and let our certified experts efficiently clean, sanitize, and deodorize your carpets when you need your carpets professionally cleaned.

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