Health Risks of Dirty Carpets in Providence, NV & Advantages of Professional Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning

People spend on average, about 90% of their time indoors. Having a clean home is essential to stay healthy. Carpets especially since they are like a giant filter for your home. They retain dust, dirt, debris, contaminates, pests, pollution, chemical residues and so much more. Though vacuuming reduces the volume of these particulates, it cannot remove all of it and professional, deep cleaning is critical. Today, we at Tough Carpet Cleaning would like to discuss carpets and your health. As mentioned, your carpets are like filters, and much like a sponge absorb a number of elements are lurking in your carpets such as:
– Pet urine
– Pet hair
– Mold
– Insect husks
– Insect feces
– Dust mites
– Dust
– Dead skin cells
– Bacteria
– Allergens
– And more
Even if you are an otherwise healthy person, dirty carpets can lead to serious health problems. Below are a few reasons as to why clean carpets is crucial for your health.

Can Dirty Carpet Make You Sick?

To keep you healthy, your immune system is fighting unwanted bacteria and toxins every day. Unfortunately, your stress levels will rise when you are living in an unclean environment, and this can affect your immune system. You are exposed to harmful bacteria when your carpets are dirty. You are made more susceptible to sickness and disease since the exposure makes your immune system go into overdrive. Thriving in dirty carpets is mycotoxins, which are some of the most dangerous microbes. Issues such as respiratory diseases, allergies, and stomach infections from the different types of mold that can cause health problems.

Dirty Carpet Skin Concerns

Where it is safe to walk on clean carpets with bare feet, unfortunately, walking bare foot on dirty carpets increases risks. Problems, such as athlete’s foot, can develop from the fungi and bacteria come into contact with openings, wounds, or cuts on your skin.

Breathing Problems of Dirty Carpets

Attracting allergens and bacteria, mold thrives in dirty carpets. Respiratory problems along with flu-like symptoms can develop when you inhale these contaminates. Also, dirty carpets are a great breeding ground for dust mites since they thrive on fungi and bacteria. Their carcasses stay in the fiber of your carpet after they die, and this can potentially cause eye and nose irritation and rashes. Additionally, when kids are exposed to toxins and bacteria in the fibers, dirty carpets can trigger attacks, especially if you have children with asthma or even extreme allergies.

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When it comes to your carpets, you need to ensure they are efficiently cleaned as often as possible. Vacuum daily if yours schedule permits, or as often as you can. Make sure to hire a professional to deep clean your carpets once a year, or more frequently if you have high-traffic carpeting. Additionally, be certain that any spills are immediately treated to prevent staining, odors, and bacteria growth. For your deep cleaning professional carpet cleaning services in the Greater Las Vegas, NV area, call in the professionals of Tough Carpet Cleaning and let our qualified experts take care of the rest!

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