How to Spot Clean Fabric Sofa & Upholstery Stains By Hand in North Las Vegas, NV

Keeping your upholstered furniture clean can seem impossible at times. Especially when you have pets or small children. For those that love to use their furniture, but still want it to stay nice, you will need to do some spot cleaning every now and then. Tough Carpet Cleaning is here to share some tips that will be helpful when you find yourself needing to spot clean your upholstered furniture.

Remove as Much of the Spill from Sofa

Sometimes, when there are spills on your upholstered furniture, it requires some chunky removal before you get started on the stain. If there are any dried chunks or debris that can be removed before deep cleaning starts, now is the time to do it. You may need to use a spatula or dull butter knife you help you remove crusted food or candy from the surface of your furniture.

Blot Don’t Scrub Upholstery

A key ingredient in the cleaning of upholstered furniture is similar to carpet; you should always blot a stain rather than scrub it. You don’t want to push the stain deeper into the fibers of the fabric you are cleaning. Blotting a stain will help you avoid damaging the fabric of your upholstered furniture.

Use the Right Solution to Clean Couches

Anytime you are preparing to use a new cleaner on your upholstered furniture, you should do a spot check on an inconspicuous piece of fabric to ensure it won’t be damaged by the cleaner. The best cleaner we have found for spot cleaning is warm, clean water and a small amount of dish soap. Gently work the cleaner into the spot and blot it clean with a wet, white dish cloth. You can repeat these steps as many times as you need to in order to completely remove the spot.

Use an Upholstery Brush

If the fabric on your upholstered furniture has a high pile, you may need to brush the fabric so that it is lying in the right direction again. Do this while the fabric is still damp so it doesn’t dry in the wrong direction.

Tips for Grease Stains on Sofas

Grease stains can be extra tricky to remove at times. One trick that works like a charm is a little cornstarch sprinkled on the spot and left for up to 30 minutes. The cornstarch will work to absorb the oil so the spot is easier to remove.

Vacuum Your Upholstered Furniture

Vacuuming your upholstered furniture every week is one way to keep your upholstered furniture well maintained. Removing the dirt and debris that build up on your furniture will eliminate the chance of the fabric breaking down.

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If you have spots and stains on your upholstered furniture that you can’t seem to remove no matter how hard you try, it is time to call in the professionals. Tough Carpet Cleaning not only cleans carpet, but we clean upholstery as well. We have the tools and experience needed to completely remove any fresh or set in stains you may have on your upholstered furniture. Contact us to schedule your next appointment today!

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