How to Get Dried Super, Gorilla, Hot, Elmer’s & Other Glue Out of Carpet in Henderson, NV

Have you ever set up the table or an area for crafting? This can be for working on an art project for an upcoming holiday. It can be craft time for the kids on a hot day or just making some repairs to something that has come undone. Whatever reason you are doing crafts one item on the craft table that occasionally spills and can be hard to get off the carpet is glue! When you notice you have dripped the craft glue or even the hot glue you need to act fast. The glue like other spills need to be worked on as fast as possible. Working on a stain right away betters your chances of removing this spot completely. You also need to use the right method so you don’t spread the glue out further or damage the carpet fibers.

Tough Carpet Cleaning Offers Some Tips on Getting Glue Glue Out of Your Carpet

How to Get Hot Glue Off Carpet: If you have spilled or dripped hot glue on your carpet or a rug you may want to try a heat treatment. The glue is made to heat up and become liquid then as it hits the air the glue will dry hard and be a strong adhesive. To use the heat treatment you will need to get your iron that you use on clothes and plug it in. Set the iron to the hottest setting before steam then allow to heat up. Lay a cloth over the spot on the carpet that the glue was dripped and work with the hot iron. You want to be sure that you pass over the spot several times. This will reheat the glue and loosen it up so it will attach to the cloth rather than your carpet. This process may need to be repeated several times to get the glue out fully.
How To Remove Elmer, Wood & Other Craft Glue From Carpet: If you are dealing with craft glue which takes a bit longer to dry, you can treat it differently. The first step is to use a paper towel to do what you can to dab any excess glue as soon as possible. Then treat the area with a vinegar treatment. The vinegar can be applied to a clean cloth and press it onto the glue spot that is remaining. You can leave the cloth on the spot for up to 15 minutes so it can help to breakdown the remaining glue. After the spot has soaked you can use a clean cloth and warm water to remove the vinegar and the remaining glue. Then dry the spot with a dry cloth and you are ready to go.

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Like any kind of spot or stain on your carpet, you can always use a professional carpet cleaning service. They offer specialty treatments to remove all kinds of stains and clean the rest of the carpet at the same time. Tough Carpet Cleaning offers a myriad of floor and upholstered furniture cleaning.

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