How to Protect Hardwood Floor Staining from Potted Houseplants in Peccole Ranch, NV

If you have installed hardwood flooring in your home, you want to do everything you can to protect this investment. While hardwood flooring offers a beautiful addition to any home, houseplants can offer the same organic beauty as well. When you have hardwood flooring, it is important you are careful with houseplants or you could end up with damage to your hardwood flooring that is difficult to repair. Tough Carpet Cleaning is here to talk about some ways that you can protect your hardwood flooring and have beautiful houseplants at the same time in your home.

Benefits of Indoor Houseplants

There are several benefits that come from having live houseplants in your home. Following are some of the reasons why people choose them:
Improved Air: Plants turn the carbon dioxide found in our air into oxygen. Some plants are better than others if you are looking for plants that will improve your indoor air quality.
Remove VOCs: A variety of chemicals are found in our air and are known as VOCs or volatile organic compounds. Plants take these out of the air we breathe and have a way of turning them into nutrients they need.
Health Benefits: Studies have shown that workplaces that have live plants in them have employees that aren’t sick as often as well as employees that are able to concentrate more efficiently.

How to Protect Your Hardwood Flooring from Houseplants

Unfortunately, as beneficial as these live houseplants may be, they can also cause destruction to your hardwood floors if you aren’t careful. Here are some of the ways they can damage your flooring and what you can do to avoid these problems.
Water Damage: The number one way that houseplants can damage flooring is water. Without a tray underneath your potted plant, you run the risk of water leaking on your flooring. It is important that you know how much to water your plants as well to avoid major spillage.
Soil: Another way that your houseplants could end up hurting your hardwood is the soil. When the soil spills onto your hardwood flooring, it can cause scratching to the finish of your hardwood. This will end up giving your hardwood flooring a dull appearance.
Moving Plants: Whenever you move your plants, be sure you aren’t pulling and dragging them across your hardwood flooring. This will cause deep scratching that is difficult to remove.
Insects: Some houseplants are susceptible to pests like scale bugs. They can not only scratch your hardwood flooring, but they also secrete a sticky substance called honeydew that can be difficult to remove.

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