How to Get Rid of Pet Dander on Your Desert Shores, NV Carpet, Couch or Area Rug

There are many of us that learn through trial and error that we are allergic to our pooch or kitty-cat. Though some may have allergic reactions too severe to keep their furry friend around and are forced to rehome them, others are willing to deal with the allergic reactions in order to keep a loyal companion around to cheer up the home. The good news is that with diligence and a little work, you can significantly reduce the volume of dander around the house that is affecting your allergic reactions and reduce the outbreaks. Today, we at Tough Carpet Cleaning would like to offer some suggestions that can help manage the dander to make the relationship with your pet stronger.

How to Remove Cat or Dog Dander in Your Home

The goal is to remove as much of the dander from the surfaces in your home as possible. Where you cannot completely get rid of it, you can decrease it significantly. The longer you let the dander buildup and linger in the crevices and nooks around your home, the more frequent the allergies will be and longer they will likely last. Dander is a protein-based substance that clings to surfaces and can easily settle nearly anywhere. To help control the dander in your home, apply the following the steps listed below.
Hard surface wipe downs. Hot-soapy water can easily wipe down hard surfaces like tabletops, walls, countertops, baseboards, and most hard surfaces to effectively clean off the layer of dander. Multi-purpose surface cleaner is ideal on wood surfaces as well and can help keep the dander from spreading.
Upholstery and curtains need frequent cleaning. Pets are not known to sacrifice their comfort, even if they have to indulge in using the furniture behind your back, they will sit, sleep, and lounge on them, spreading their dander in the upholstery. A lint brush works well on the surface with daily use. Once a week hit the upholstery with the vacuum, getting the cushions and crevices to get all the dander more efficiently removed. Curtains will also collect the dander, be sure to wash them periodically according to the directions on the tag. Once or twice a year, have the upholstery professionally deep cleaned.
Daily vacuuming of rugs and carpets. Lurking just below your feet is an accumulation of pet dander in the rugs and carpets. Vacuuming once a day is optimal, but as frequently as possible is your goal and use a vacuum with a double or micro filter High Efficiency Particulate Arrestin bag vacuum to prevent the dander from being released back into the air is also beneficial. Carpets and rugs should also be professionally cleaned once or twice a year to retrieve the dander that settled below the surfaces.
Wash your pets periodically. Control the dander at its source to reduce the supply of dander in the home by giving your dog or cat a bath once a week with a mild shampoo. Though you may be temporarily shunned, the dander will be significantly reduced. A healthy diet, enriched with Omega 3 fatty acids, can promote healthier skin and fur as well and you can seek additional advice from your vet.

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