How to Dry Wet Carpet After a Leak or Flood in Henderson, NV; Water Extraction, Drying & More

Have you ever had your carpets get wet? It seems like a little bit of water spilled on the carpet can soak in fast and be quite hard to get out. Now imagine your home gets flooded! The amount of water at that point is not something that can be easily cleaned without the help of a professional. The carpet is made from some form of fabric that soaks up what is spilled on it. There is also padding under the carpet that will literally act as a sponge. That is why it is so difficult to clean after a flood. You may not know where to start but you want to get going as soon as possible. You want to try and salvage what you can but also contact a company that offers water damage restoration services. They will help to save your carpets so that you are not stuck having new carpet installed.

Tough Carpet Cleaning Offers Tips On What To Do If Your Home Is Flooded

Types of Contaminants in Water: You don’t have to live in a region that is being drenched by rainfall all year to have a flood. In fact places that have lots of rain are better equipped to handle it than places that get minimal rain but occasionally get a downpour. The water will come down fast and have nowhere to go. Rain is not the only way that a home can suffer from water damage. You can also have a plumbing emergency that floods the house. Depending on the type of flood and water damage you are dealing with the process to clean it up could be different. The cleaning company will need to know how much water there is in the house. They also need to know what level of contamination based on the water that flooded the house.
Remove Personal Belongings from Flooded Area: You also want to quickly take your personal belongings out and start drying them out. This can include clothes, books, pictures and anything that you want to save. You need to lay them out as soon as possible to allow them time to breathe and dry. You are also taking the items out of the way so that they are not damaged when the professional cleaning company comes out.
How Are Carpets Cleaned?: The first step that is taken when the house has been flooded is the water that is left is extracted. This can be a lot of water or water that is just soaked in the carpet. The extraction is a process that is down with specialized equipment. Then industrial sized fans are needed to help dry out the house and the carpets as much as possible. You may need to allow your windows and doors to stay open for some time during this process. They will then follow up with carpet cleaning to have the carpets looking good so you can continue living on them.

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Tough Carpet Cleaning offers powerful truck mounted water extraction, structural drying with industrial fans, steam carpet cleaning and deodorizing to restore your carpets after a flood and help prevent mold. Contact us for all your floor and upholstery cleaning and restoration needs.

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