How to Clean & Remove Stains from Ceramic & Porcelain Tile & Grout Floors in Spring Valley, NV

While tile flooring is one of the most durable flooring choices you have in your home, there is still a certain amount of care required to extend its life. How do you avoid damaging your tile as you care for it? How do you get stains out of grout lines? Tough Carpet Cleaning is here to answer some of these questions and share some tips to help you properly maintain your tile and grout.

How to Remove Stains from Tile Floors

Just like carpet, your tile floor can accumulate staining over time. This is especially true of tile found in kitchens. Preparing food and other kitchen activities can end up taking a toll on your tile flooring. When you find you have a stain on your tile, a good old mixture of bleach and water will usually do the trick. You can most likely remove most stains with this method, but if you find that the stain is stubborn and unforgiving, you may want to turn to an age old product for assistance. Muriatic acid is the go to cleaning agent at this point. It has been around for years and is very strong, but efficient. You need to use proper protection when handling this chemical. Mixing muriatic acid 60/40 with water, and with a toothbrush you can gently scrub the stain and remove it from the surface.

Removing Stains from Grout

Cleaning the grout in your tile flooring is done using the same process mentioned above. The grout can often be more difficult to clean than the tile simply due to the porous nature of grout. If you can’t remove the stain after using muriatic acid, you may have to remove that portion of the grout. This is done fairly easily with a small grout remover. Then you can replace the damaged grout without replacing the entire floor. The biggest hurdle will likely be matching the color. When you feel you have matched it well, you are on your way.

Benefits of Tile Sealer

Having a high quality tile sealer applied to your tile flooring will dramatically help in keeping stains off your tile floor. You will find that your tile flooring is much more prepared for the onslaught of abuse it will inevitably withstand. Your tile flooring needs to be cleaned extensively before you can have it sealed properly. Once the sealer has been applied and had ample time to dry, giving your flooring a good buffing will restore that sheen that you love. Always buff in a circular motion and not too hard.

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Getting your tile and grout cleaned by a professional company like Tough Carpet Cleaning who offer tile and grout cleaning as well as carpet cleaning. Tile is one of the most durable and low maintenance flooring choices you can choose, but even the most durable choices in flooring require a certain amount of care and maintenance. You should have your tile and grout cleaned as often as you do your carpet. Call us today for more information on our tile cleaning services.

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