How to Clean Paint Spills & Craft Stains from Carpet in Inspirada, NV; Treat Carpets Right Away & More

Homes across the country have turned into classrooms for students of all ages as schools have closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, parents have turned into instant teachers. Your homeschooling endeavors likely includes some sorts of arts and crafts projects. Arts and crafts projects are an amazing way for your student to reinforce concepts, improve their fine motor skills, and exercise their creativity. The downside of arts and crafts is that if you are not careful you can end up with a large mess to clean up afterwards. Today Tough Carpet Cleaning has some tips for you on how to prevent and clean up spills when you are working on arts and crafts projects.

Craft Preparation to Avoid Spills on Carpet

The best way to avoid stains on your carpets and furniture from arts and crafts supplies is to prevent the mess from getting on the carpet and furniture in the first place. An ounce of prevention can save you tons of heartache and time later. Before you have your kids come over to start the project set-up everything carefully. We recommend that you put down a tablecloth down where you are planning on doing the craft. Then as your kids complete the project any spills that do occur simply go onto your tablecloth.

Have a Designated Craft Area or Room to Avoid Carpet Stains

You will want to pick the location of your craft project wisely. If you do not do the project on your carpet then it will clearly be almost impossible for the craft supplies to end up on your carpet. Once you pick the area where you will be doing your project, you will want to carefully explain to your children that the art supplies are not to leave the area specified for the project. Kids love to take their projects and walk around the house with them. When they walk around with their project they frequently spill or drop parts of the project onto your carpet and furniture. Clear expectations about where art projects belong should help with this problem.

Clean Spilled Paint & Other Craft Stains Right Away

Sometimes even the best planning does not prevent all accidents from happening and you will still end up with arts and craft spills on your carpet or furniture. If this happens you will want to stop and clean it up immediately. The less time that the mess has to sit on your carpet or furniture, the easier it will be to clean it up. How you clean up these spills will be determined by what kind of arts and craft supply was spilled. For paint and marker stains you will want to use a wet towel. Gently dab the area. Do not rub the area as it will spread the color around on your carpet and push the color deeper into the fibers of your carpet. If you spill glitter on your carpet or furniture you will want to carefully vacuum it up. Play-Doh is best cleaned up once it is hard. We actually recommend allowing Play-Doh to dry and then picking it up by hand or vacuuming it up.

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If you are unable to fully get the arts and crafts stains out of your carpet or furniture Tough Carpet Cleaning can help you. Give us a call and we can come put our expertise and experience to work and help your carpet and furniture look back to normal.

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