Germs & Bacteria Are Found in Carpet that Looks Clean in Henderson, NV

There is some misconception that if you can’t see dirt on your carpet then they must be clean. The problem is that the carpets don’t have to look dirty to actually be soiled and dirty. There is a lot that you may not see that is causing the carpet to actually be dirty and messy. To better understand how this works is to use something that you might think about more clearly. If you take a wash cloth and you walk over it, wipe up your dog accident and wipe down the counters every day for a month do you think that your wash cloth is clean? That is a silly question because no one would do all of those things with the same cloth without washing it, but that is what is happening to your carpet on a daily basis. Whether your dog is having an accident occasionally or regularly there will be pet stains, dander and fur that is leaving a mess. Spills that occur will make the carpet dirty and much more that you really can’t see and maybe haven’t even thought about.

Tough Carpet Cleaning Lists Two Ways That Your Carpets Are Getting Dirty That You Might Not See

Air In Your Home Is Dirty: There are some people that live alone or have little to no foot traffic in many rooms. They think that their lack of visitors means that the carpets are clean and could not be dirty at all. That is just not the truth. The air that is in your home is from the outdoor air and the quality can be dirtier than you think. There are many particles that you can find in a home’s air which can include dust, skin cells, dirt, pet hair and dust mites. These things should be taken out of the air when you run the AC. The system runs all the air through the filter and sends out the filtered air to be cooled or heated. The problem is that the filter can never collect 100% of all the particles and that means it has to end up somewhere. The particles will eventually land on the carpets leaving every room in your home covered in microscopic particles. That is why you need to have your carpets cleaned even if you don’t think they are dirty because they are.
Carpets Is Able To Hide Dirt: When carpet manufacturers started using synthetic fibers they had a hard time with the design. When they used was not able to hide the dirt that is sure to end up on your carpet. The bigger problem was that the carpets looked even dirtier than they actually were. Now that some research has been done they have updated the design of the carpet fibers and they are able to hide the dirt. It is a great addition to carpets but not so much for your sense on when they need to be cleaned. You may think that your carpets are clean but they are actually dirty!

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