Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes in Las Vegas, NV; Not Spot Testing, Using Hot Water & More

When you want your carpet deep cleaned and restored to a vibrant state you should use a professional carpet cleaning service. However for those who choose to clean their carpet themselves, you will want to make sure to avoid certain and all too common mistakes. Tough Carpet Cleaning will share some of the most frequent mistakes that many make when cleaning their carpets in the hope you can avoid them the next time you clean your carpets.

Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Not Cleaning Carpet Spills Right Away. Many homeowners don’t always attend to a spill when it occurs. This is a mistake that can lead to carpet erosion and severe damage. Additionally it becomes much more difficult to remove the stain if it has had too much time to soak in. When a spill occurs you should immediately attend to the spills.
Not Spot Testing on Carpet. Another common mistake is not testing your cleaning agents before use. Carpets can be easily discolored. Therefore, you should test a discreet area of your carpet in a small patch to see how your carpet reacts to your chosen cleaning agent. If you see any discoloration you should not use that type of carpet cleaner and try another brand or create you own cleaning solution.
Professional Carpet Cleaning. Most will never consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner often. Carpets should be cleaned as they need them but to extend the life of your carpet and to get a deeper cleaning, you should use a professional carpet cleaner. They have all the correct cleaning solutions and equipment. Most importantly, they have the knowledge of how to properly care for your carpets.
Using Hot Water on Carpet. One mistake that can ruin your carpet the quickest is to use hot water. Many will hear the term “steam cleaning” when it comes to professional carpet cleaning. However they actually don’t use hot water. If you use hot water, you can shrink your carpets. In turn, the edges will pull away from the walls and cause big gaps.
Don’t Clean Carpet With Laundry Soap. The fabrics in which carpets are made are much different than the material in your clothing. Because of the difference, they require their own formula in order to clean the carpet properly. You can actually damage carpet by using laundry soaps.
Don’t Scrub Carpet Stains. When attending to a stain, never scrub it because you will actually just make the stain bigger and push it deeper into the carpet. Additionally, when cleaning spills or stains never use a colored cloth or paper towel as the dye from either the cloth or paper towel can run into your carpet and again make another stain. When cleaning spills you should use a white cloth or paper towel and always blot the stain. Work from the outside edges and move inward to prevent the stain from spreading.

Carpet Cleaning & More in the Las Vegas Valley, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Often carpets become the victim of our own negligence. Make sure to avoid these all too common mistakes when cleaning your carpet and do your homework before you begin cleaning your own carpets. Learn proper carpet cleaning techniques. By cleaning and caring for your carpet properly, you can extend your carpet’s life. If you find you desire a professional deep cleaning, Tough Carpet Cleaning can provide carpet cleaning services and so much more. Contact Tough Carpet Cleaning to schedule your carpet’s deep cleaning today.

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