Cleaning Common Carpet Stains in Seven Hills, NV; High Traffic Areas, Pet Urine, Red Wine & More

Your home is a place that most people want to keep looking good. You never know when someone plans to stop by and visit. That is why most people clean the house on a regular basis so that your home is clean and inviting. One of the largest surfaces in the home that needs to have attention on a regular basis is the flooring. You want to be able to clean the tile, hardwood floors and of course the carpet. The carpet is made from a fabric that is looped or cut and secured into a backing. The problem is that the carpet is susceptible to staining because of the textile that it is made of and the fact that it is often very absorbent. Even if you are careful and you have rules about what people can and cannot bring on the carpet you will end up with spills, spots and stains. There are some very common stains that people deal with when it comes to carpets and it is a great idea to know the best way to clean them.

Tough Carpet Cleaning Outlines the Best Ways to Clean Common Carpet Stains

Cleaning High Traffic Carpet Areas: One of the most common complaints that homeowners have is the high traffic areas. These are areas of the house that are used most often by the people that walk through the house. The carpet will show high traffic areas by darkening of the carpet. It occurs from the foot traffic that goes through the common walkways. If you are worried about these high traffic areas you want to have them cleaned by a professional. It is the best way to clean the staining without spreading it out any further. If you attempt to clean these large high traffic areas by hand it can just make it worse.
Cleaning Pet Stains on Carpet: If you are like the majority of people that have a furry friend at their house then you know that a pet stain is bound to occur. You don’t need to have a new puppy to have to worry about a pet accident. It can happen if you take a little longer than normal to get home after work. It can be a pet that doesn’t want to go out in the rain. Whatever the reason even the best pets can have an accident. One of the biggest issues that people have is that they don’t always see the accident until it has sat for a while. When a pet stain has time to soak in the carpet, backing and padding it can cause odor. That is why the stain needs to be treated correctly. If you only treat the spot for the discoloration you can still left with the odor. You want to treat the spot with a deodorizer. You can lay baking soda out over the spot and allow it to sit. This will neutralize the odor when allowed to sit for about 15 minutes. Then you can vacuum up the remaining baking soda leaving the carpet smelling better.
Treating Red Wine & Juice Stains: Nothing is worse than a red stain on the carpet. The juice can come from your child or anyone that accidentally tips their drink over. The red dye in the juice can cause a stain on the carpet. It is important to clean the spot well or you will be left with a big pink stain! You can use warm water mixed with dish soap and vinegar. Do not over soak the area but use just enough to start dabbing away at the spot. You may need to reapply the cleaning solution and dab again if necessary.

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