Why Did My Carpets Turn Yellow in MacDonald Ranch, NV; Can Deep Carpet Cleaning Remove Stains?

Have you noticed that your carpet has begun to develop a yellowish color? Carpet can turn a yellow color and sometimes the affect may be permanent. Depending on what is causing the carpet to turn yellow, you may the find that the discoloration will vary. Tough Carpet Cleaning would like to share some of the causes that can turn your carpet yellow and how you can correct carpet yellowing.

Carpet Stains

Stains due to pet urine, spills and dirt will cause the site of these accidents to appear yellow. Especially if the stain was not properly cleaned. Stains need to be properly cleaned to prevent the carpet from developing yellow spots. Often a deep professional carpet cleaning can treat the stains and stop them from turning yellow.

Chemical Yellowing of Carpets

Certain chemical that are often applied to the carpet can cause them to turn a yellowish color all over. Certain chemicals will react with the carpet fibers. Often chemical carpet cleaners that have high alkaline or pH will cause the carpets to turn a yellow pigment. Another type of chemical yellowing is a Phenolic yellowing which is a chemical discoloration. Phenolic yellowing occurs when the carpet’s butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) which is the adhesive that hold the carpet fibers in place is faulty. When the BHT doesn’t get enough oxygen the adhesive will cause the carpet to turn yellow.

Photo Oxidation of Carpet

When the carpets are exposed to sunlight or atmospheric fumes for a long period of time, it can cause the carpet fiber to break down or degrade. When the carpet fiber degrades they will often turn a yellow color and even cause the carpet to fade. It is recommended to keep blinds over the windows to prevent overexposure to UV light that can break down the carpets.

Smoking Can Discolor Carpets

For those who smoke inside their homes, the smoke can cause the carpet to turn yellow or develop yellow stains. Sometimes the carpet may even develop a tar sticky-like build up on its surface. If you do not want your carpet to turn yellow avoid smoking indoors.

How to Remove Yellow Discoloration from Carpets

One of the most effective ways to remove yellowing is with steam cleaning. Steam cleaning helps to clean and remove the element within the carpet that is causing the yellowing. Often Phenolic yellowing is treated with an acidic rinse which stops the adhesive from turning the carpets yellow. You will want to promote air circulation in the areas with carpets as well. With proper carpet cleaning and care you can help reverse carpet yellowing in most cases. However, in some cases the effects are permanent and the only way to correct the carpet discoloration is with carpet dyeing. However, it makes more sense to prevent carpet yellowing. Make sure to have your carpet cleaned about every six months and most carpet yellowing can be prevented.

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