Phenolic Yelowing; What Causes Yellow Spots, Stains & Discoloration on Your Carpet in Las Vegas, NV

The carpet in your home is made from a particular type of fiber or material. There are many different styles and textures that you can have installed in your home. The carpet is installed and usually over top of a padding. The padding also has some compounds as does the glue that is used. The carpet looks its very best when it is brand new. The struggle is how you keep it that way when you start to live on it. After the carpets are in, you arrange a room with couches, book shelves, television stands and rugs. This is what gives the room purpose. Now once you are sick of the layout and want to change it up there are some things about the carpet that you may notice. There are dents in the carpet that need to be treated. There can be stains from spills that were never cleaned properly as well as high traffic stains. Another problem that some people find is that the carpet looks yellow when they move the rugs and large pieces of furniture.

Tough Carpet Cleaning Explains Why Your Carpets Might Be Turning Yellow & How To Stop It

What Makes The Carpet Go Yellow: There is a reaction that can occur and makes your carpets turn yellow. Be sure that you are not just seeing the original color of your carpet and it is actually yellow. The carpet has to have a compound that is referred to as BHT and is called butylhydroxyltoluene. The compound is part of the carpet, padding or glue and it has to have room to breathe. The BHT is not a problem when it is being released in the air but there is a problem when it is stifled. The carpet can become stifled by a large piece of furniture such as couch or piano. It can also be sealed and unable to breathe when you place a large rug. Now that these items are on the carpet the BHT has nowhere to escape and that means that it stays right there. It will then cause a reaction to the actual carpet fibers in the form of yellowing. This is what is called Phenolic Yellowing which can happen to any textile.
How Can You Prevent Phenolic Yellowing: If you want to stop phenolic yellowing from happening to your carpet you want to know if BHT is part of your carpet or rugs. If it does you need to take come precautionary measures to ensure that it doesn’t happen. The best way to do that is to move the furniture and rugs off the carpet and have them cleaned. This gives the carpet time to breathe and can stop the yellowing process.
Can You Repair Phenolic Yellowing: Once your carpet is turning yellowing you cannot change it. The carpet has chemically changed the actual color and there is not a way to clean it off. You can have the carpets replaced or dyed if you are suffering from phenolic yellowing.

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