Old Dried Spilled Milk Stains & Odors on Carpet Cleaning & Removal in Providence, NV

Attempting to keep our carpets vibrant and plush, no matter how careful we try to be, can be more than challenging. A chronic klutz or folks with hectic and busy schedules can easily cause spills to happen. Milk is not only popular for children and adults to drink, but it is also a common ingredient for many meals, such as cereal, for example. Because it is so popular, the odds of it eventually spilling on your carpet is highly likely. Though many may not show any concern for a white liquid substance that is seemingly harmless, especially when compared to dark juice or wine, a stain can still develop relatively quick, and worse yet, milk can rapidly produce odors if left untreated. The good news is that milk can be easily be removed from carpets in most cases, with household ingredients, if tended to quickly. Tough Carpet Cleaning would like to take the time today to share steps on how to clean the carpet to remove the milk.

Please Note: No matter if you prefer to use a commercial carpet cleaning product, use one of our methods listed below, or an alternative method, always perform a patch test in a less obvious area to make sure the carpet is cohesive to the solution and the color will not fade or become discolored, nor the fibers become damaged.

Method One for How to Remove Milk from Carpet

1) To sop up the spilled milk, blot the excess moisture with a paper towel or clean cloth or towel and use heavy pressure to pullup as much moisture as possible.
2) In a bowl, bucket, or squirt bottle, combine 1 tbsp of liquid hand dishwashing detergent and 2 cups of warm water; mix well. Blot the milk until it is removed with a cloth moistened with the solution you prepared.
3) If you have difficulty removing the milk completely with the above solution, dilute ammonia by mixing 2 cups of warm water and 1 tbsp of ammonia. Sponge the solution on the spot like step 2 to blot the remaining the lingering milk.
4) Once the milk is removed, no matter which solution did the trick, be sure to use a damp cloth to pat and rinse the cleaning solution residue from off of the carpet.
5) Use a clean, dry towel to ensure as much moisture is absorbed out of the carpet.

Method Two for How to Get Dried Milk Out of Carpet

1) Quickly use paper towels or a dry cloth or towel to absorb as much milk as possible.
2) Treat the spot with a cloth dampened with only water and sop up the remaining milk.
3) On the damp area, sprinkle moderately baking soda, or corn starch will work in a pinch, on the milk spill. The baking soda or corn starch will absorb the remaining milk after about 30 minutes. Keep in mind baking soda is ideal as it can also eliminate any developing odors.

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If you are having difficulty removing the milk, call Tough Carpet Cleaning and let our experts remove the spilled milk along with any other spots and stains, deep-rooted soil and debris, and neutralize any other odors. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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