Impossible to Remove Stains; Why Does a Stain Reappear after Carpet Cleaning in Winchester, NV?

For those who have carpets it is important to maintain and to properly care for your flooring. Part of caring for carpets includes vacuuming at least once a week, scheduling a deep carpet cleaning about every six months, and cleaning up stains as soon as they occur. Where most people make mistakes is when cleaning up stains. A homeowner should try to clean up a stain as soon as they develop for the best success in preventing a stain. Tough Carpet Cleaning would like to share some of the common carpet stain cleaning mistakes and how to avoid them when you need to clean up those spills and stains.

Avoid Scrubbing a Stain

One of the hardest things to resist is scrubbing at a stain. When something spills on the carpets and you rush to clean it, many people will grab a carpet cleaner, a rag and then scrub at the stain. When you scrub at the stain you only spread and press the staining substance deeper into the carpet and into the under padding. Never scrub at a stain. Instead, you will want to use a blotting technique. For large stains, you should blot at the stain from the outside and work your way inward to prevent any spreading of the stain.

Do Not Wait Too Long to Treat Carpet Spill

Some people will put off cleaning the stain. When you wait too long to clean a stain, the staining substance will bind to the carpet fibers, making it much harder to remove the stain later. You may not get a stain out if you wait too long. It is best to remove the stain as soon as they occur and you have a better chance to remove the stain.

Using Wrong Carpet Cleaners Should Be Avoided

Depending on the type of carpet you have, be aware that each type of carpet needs to have the right type of cleaner. If you use the wrong cleaner, it can cause discoloration and damage the carpets. You will want to know what type of carpet you have, and then make sure you use the right cleaner, including DIY cleaners. Additionally, you will want to test your cleaner before applying it over the stain. Apply your cleaning product in a small discrete area and see how it affects the carpet. As long as there are no negative side effects, you know you have the right cleaner for your carpet.

Incorrectly Using Deodorizers

Many people will use a deodorizing powder or baking soda to help remove odors. When using a deodorizing powder, often they are not vacuumed up completely. Over time the powder can build up and turn into a grimy feel on the surface of the carpet. You will need to have the carpet thoroughly vacuumed, using proper vacuuming techniques to remove all of the deodorizing powder. For a proper vacuuming technique, you will want to vacuum in multiple directions.

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It is important to avoid these common carpet stain cleaning mistakes. When you need stubborn stains removed, your carpets cleaned, and more, we can help. To schedule our services, contact Tough Carpet Cleaning today.

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