How to Remove Water Soluble, Oil & Grease Carpet Stains & Neutralize Odors in Lone Mountain Village, NV

When it comes to the knowledge that you have to have to make sure that your house stays clean it tends to be extensive. The work that has to be done just to keep up with general house cleaning can be anything from dusting the furniture to scrubbing down a bathroom. There are also times that you will come across a mess that is not on the common spectrum. It may be out of the ordinary scope of everyday life and you also need to know what to do to remove those as well. One area of the house that you will need to have some knowledge if you want your home to look nice is cleaning the carpet. There is always going to be spots, spills and stains that need to be cleaned and treated but the issue is that they are not all treated the same. There are different categories that carpet stains fall in and they each have a way to ensure that they are cleaned. Tough Carpet Cleaning outlines some categories of carpet stains and how to remove them.

Water Soluble Carpet Stains

There are all sorts of spills that will occur on your carpets over time. It is a good idea to know what they are and what you can do to get them removed. The main type of stain that happens to be the most common is called a water soluble stain. The great thing about a water soluble stain is that water should be the main component to break down the substance that the spill is made from. Some of these stains will include, drinks that are spilled, blood, washable markers and even some paint. IT can also be vomit from a sick animal or child and many more. The best thing that you can do to remove a water soluble stain is to work fast when the accident occurs. Then mix in a bowl water and a small amount of mild dish soap. This should be enough to allow you to dab at the area and remove the stain from the carpet.

Neutralize Odors from Carpet Stains

There are some stains that even if you clean the stain from the carpet the odor will persist. One of the main ones that belong in this category is pet urine. They have a heavy level of ammonia in them and that will soak in the backing of the carpet and continue to cause odor. The best way to treat a stain that is leaving an odor behind is to use a deodorizer that most people have in their cabinets. Baking soda is a great way to draw out the odor and you can do that by layering it over the area. Then allow it to sit for a few hours to overnight. Then remove with a vacuum and empty the vacuum out promptly.

Oil & Grease Carpet Stains

There is another type of stain that can get on your carpet and they come from greasy food, oil from the garage or the bottom of your shoes. These grease stains are some of the most difficult and need to be handles with care. You want to make sure that you use a solution that will break down the oil or grease so that you can remove it from the carpet. You want to use water as well as dish soap for this process but you need to add in some ammonia to the mix with white vinegar. This is a great solution that should be used slowly and a little at a time to remove the stain from the carpet.

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