How to Remove Allergens from Your Centennial, NV Home; Deep Clean Carpets, Rugs, Sofas, Mattresses & More

There are quite an astonishing amount of people that suffer from allergies and asthmatic issues across the United States. More than 50 million Americans suffer from the various types of allergies, costing them over $18 billion for treatments and medications. Across the country 17 million adults suffer from asthma problems and more the 7 million children. Many times, asthma and allergy symptoms go hand in hand. With so many contributing factors, those with severe allergies and asthmatic tendencies are more susceptible to allergens and other containments. At this time, we at Tough Carpet Cleaning would like to share some tips and advice on reducing the outbreaks.

How to Stop Indoor Allergies

Dust, mold, pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and cockroach waste are among the many household particulates that can trigger both allergies and asthma attacks. Minimizing the tiny particles from circulating in your HVAC system can help, along with in keeping your home clear can be challenging. But you can greatly reduce the qualities to help ease the burdens.
1. Change Air Filters. Air filters are a big one. Many folks forget about them until they notice the HVAC system is running quite as smooth. Air filter should be cleaned or replaced at least once every 3 months. If there are pets in the home, smokers, high traffic with residents coming in and out frequently, doors and windows are left open, or there any signs of mold, air filters should be inspected once a month, and maintained appropriately.
2. Clean Floors. Depending on the surface of your floors, they need to be swept (at least dust mopped) or vacuumed daily. As walk through traffic commences throughout the day, the settled dust and debris is easily wafted into the circulating air, and has an easier time assaulting your nasal passages, clearing up the settled layer can help reduce the density of the pollutants.
3. Clean Curtains, Blinds and Upholstery. Dust and other contagions will gather on any surface. Curtains, blinds and upholstery often go unattended for extensive periods of time, triggering allergies and asthma attacks. Keeping them clean more often can help significantly.
4. Utilize Exhaust Fans. The exhaust fans are often in places like bathrooms to help remove the moisture in the air. Moisture can bread mold in the right conditions. Not only can mold induce allergy symptoms or asthma attacks, but it can be just as harmful to those unaffected by those issues as well. Don’t allow dampness to fester, and keep it dry.
5. Repair Window & Door Screens. On beautiful days were it is too much to resist the favorable weather conditions, make sure the screens are in place. It will help reduce the unwanted particles from intruding and keep the pests away as well.

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There is always additional steps you can take to help avoid the allergies from ruining your day, or from needing your inhaler, but these steps listed above is a good start. If you should notice a mold problem, or perhaps water damage within your home, don’t ignore it. Call the professionals to contain mold and restore the water damage that has inflicted your home. We at Tough Carpet Cleaning have masterfully trained professionals both experienced and skilled to help you get your home back on track.

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