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We spend around a third of our lives on our mattresses. Think about the last time you cleaned it, if you ever have. You probably clean your sofa with the bristles of a vacuum cleaner more than your trusted mattress. This needs to change. It doesn’t matter what kind of mattress you sleep on, they need to be cleaned every now and then. Your mattress can double in weight over the course of 10 years. This happens from a buildup of dust, mites and skin cells that fall into it as you sleep. Steam cleaning your mattress is an eco-friendly and sanitary way to keep your mattress clean.

How to Properly Steam Clean a Mattress that Has or Hasn’t Been Urinated On!

Check with the manufacturer. Before you decide to clean your mattress, you should always check the label before using any moisture that includes steam. There are materials that aren’t made to have moisture exposed to it. You should also refer to the manual of the steam cleaner you’re planning on using. The ones that dry as they go are the best ones to use because they’ll leave the least amount of moisture behind which is good for any kind of mattress.
Always vacuum first. Use a powerful vacuum cleaner before you break out the steam cleaner. Use one that has an attachment to pull debris out of all the seams in the mattress because steam cleaners can’t pull out pet hair, dirt and dust. Preparation is very important as it removes much of the debris as possible.
Put the mattress up against the wall. This is the best way to steam clean a mattress. Take it off the platform or box springs as this exposes the mattress to more air so it will dry faster. It will also help you reach all the areas of the mattress. Once it’s off, it’s easier to move it around to get to both sides. You should be flipping your mattress every few months anyway, so plan on cleaning it at the same time.
Short bursts of steam should be used. Don’t make the mistake of using constant delivery of steam. You will think this is the way to do it because steam kills germs but you shouldn’t because soaking your mattress isn’t good. You will get the same results and remove stains, sanitize and kill odors with short bursts of steam.
– When cleaning a mattress, you don’t forget about the sides of the mattress because the sides also collect dust and are also prone to stains. When you steam clean a mattress you’re also removing odors and if you forget the sides you’ll have a smelly mattress.
Give the mattress time to dry. This is the most important step! Even more important if you use a mattress cover. If you don’t allow it to dry completely, you can get a mattress that has mold and mildew and will cause more problems. Allow the mattress to stay propped up on the wall and use fans to speed up the process. Turn the mattress after a few hours to completely dry the other side too.

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You will sleep better at night if you have a cleaner mattress. Regular mattress cleanings will also ensure your mattress lasts longer. Contact Tough Carpet Cleaning to schedule your next mattress cleaning!

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