How to Keep Carpet Clean After Cake Spills & More from a Toddler or Child’s Party in Winchester, NV

Everyone who has kids know that celebrating their birthday can become overwhelming. It seems that you want to out do yourself from the year before and you want to make sure you get all the things that your child wants represented at the party. This is big business and setting up for a kids party is not cupcakes and pin the tail on the donkey any more. It has become an entire event that people want to make the most out of. The kids get to be around kids their age that they know and have some fun together. These can be the moments that help to build a friendship that can last a lifetime. Some of the things you see at kids parties are themes that are going throughout. You also can see activities, games and things to look at. You also won’t overlook the fully decorated cake that displays the child’s favorite colors and character or theme. You want to make sure that after a successful party you look for messes that need to be cleaned especially on your carpet. Tough Carpet Cleaning outlines how to treat common carpet stains after a kid’s party.

How Do I Get Cake Stains Out of Carpet

The one thing that is a must at any party is food. This might be small finger foods that you can get and take with you and walk around with. This can also be full meals that are sat down and served at a table. Another way to serve food is a buffet style where you can get what you want and come back to get more of what you like best. You also want to have a cake that you can then serve. The issue is that the frosting, cake and even the food that you serve can end up on your carpet. You want to make sure that you remove the large pieces of food and toss them in the trash. Then you can use a cleaning solution that you make yourself out of warm water and mix in some of your mild dish soap. Then dip and dab the area with a clean cloth to remove the staining that might have occurred.

How Do You Get Dirt & Foot Traffic Stains Out of Carpet?

You also might have a rule that people remove shoes when they come in your house. Unfortunately this can go out the window when you have a kid’s party. You have them running in and out of the house to get treats and play the games. That can cause some foot traffic and dirt that can be brought in the house and on the carpet. You want to make sure that you remove the dirt quickly with a vacuum so that it does not act as an abrasive on the fibers. Then you need to have the carpets in that area generally cleaned by a professional to remove the foot traffic.

How to Remove Paint from Carpet

You also might have a painting station or a station for the kids to get their face painted. The paint can get on your carpets and you want to make sure that it is treated with care. If you are not careful the stain can get larger. It is best to talk with a professional about the best way to remove the paint depending on the type of paint that was used. You want to be sure that you only use their advice to not make the issue larger.

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