How to Clean & Get Wax Stains Out of Your Carpet with Ice & Heat in North Las Vegas, NV

We all sit around singing to the special birthday boy or girl while they blow out a candle. This is a fun tradition but the hot wax is not a liquid and it can cause a stain on your carpet. Although this is not as likely of a way to cause the spot to occur it can. Other ways you can end up with wax on your carpet is from those wonderful wax burners that are great for spreading aroma around your home. They are a great addition and you can stop using those dangerous candles that leave a wick burning in your house. They still have the same problem that a candle does where the wax is now in a liquid state and if it is bumped the wax will land on the carpet. This is a certain mess that needs to be treated in the right way.

Tough Carpet Cleaning Lists Best Way to Get a Hot Wax Spill Out of Your Carpet

Let the Wax Sit on Carpet Before Cleaning: This seems like the exact opposite of what you know about cleaning any spill off your carpet. There are some that you actually want to let it dry before you do anything. Mud is one and one of the other ones is wax. The wax will land on the ground and will start to cool down and harden which is necessary. If you start to touch it when the wax is still warm and wet it will spread out even further. That is why you want to let it sit.
Freeze the Wax on Carpet: Now that the wax is hard it is still going to give a little. That is why you want to get a bag that is able to seal shut and fill it full of ice. If the bag does not seal it can leak water in the carpet giving you an extra mess to clean. Lay the freezer bag on the wax so that it has a few minutes to freeze the wax. This will allow the wax to be hard enough so that you can chip it away with a butter knife. Then use the vacuum to remove the excess that you have chipped away. If it starts to warm up you can lay the bag back down to freeze it again.
Heat the Wax on the Carpet: Now that you have frozen the wax it is time to do the exact opposite. You now need to get your iron out and start to heat it up. Then get a brown paper sack that will be used to soak up the wax when you heat it up. Now you can lay the sack over the main area and get your iron moving in circles. This will heat the wax up and it will detach from the carpet and soak into the bag. Then you can throw out the bag and repeat if you need to.

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