How to Clean & Care For Your Oriental or Persian Antique Area Rugs in Henderson, NV; Protect from Sun Damage, Vaccuum & More

If you have spent money on a beautiful rug to add some style and décor to your home you most likely want to care for them. Rugs are not cheap and just rolling them up when you have your carpets professionally cleaned is a terrible mistake. There are several things that you should be doing to ensure that your rugs last and look great. They can easily become packed full of dirt, stained from spills and traffic and flattened from constant use. Doing a few things to keep them safe while you have them will add life to the rugs and extend the usage that you will get from them.

Tough Carpet Cleaning Has A List Of Ways That You Can Care For Your Oriental Rugs, Persian Rugs & Any Other Rugs.

Protect Rugs from Sun Damage: One of the hardest things on upholstery, carpets and rugs is the direct sunlight. Nothing is better than opening the blinds and drapes and letting in the sunshine. The issue comes when the sun settles on a particular area of the rug. That can happen each day causing a faded sun spot on the rug. The best thing you can do is to keep an eye on the sun and shut the blinds to stop the rays from settling on your rug. you can also use more indoor lighting to get that bright daytime look that you want.
Rotate Your Rugs: One way that you can continue to get time with your rug is to make sure you are not wearing a particular area of the rug. Just like on your carpet the rugs can get high traffic areas. That is where people tend to travel through your home on a regular basis. It can cause more dirt and debris in that particular area than the rest of the rug. You can combat this issue by rotating the rug around a few times a year so that one are is not used more than the rest.
Vacuum Rugs with Care: You can’t just vacuum around your rugs or roll them out of the way when you vacuum. You need to be sure that you care for the rugs the same way you do for your carpets. The rug needs to be vacuumed on a regular basis depending on the amount of traffic that you have in your home. Be sure that you are careful around the edges of the rug so that your roller bar does not cause damage and fray the sides.
Have Rugs Cleaned Professionally: Another way to ensure that your rugs look their best is to have them cleaned professionally on a regular basis. Do not bypass the rugs when you have your carpets cleaned. You want to ensure that the rugs are also cleaned to keep the dirt off the fibers. The professional cleaning can keep the fibers intact and full so that the rug is not getting matted down.

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