How to Care & Clean for Wool Carpet, Remove Stubborn Stains & Avoid Wet Carpets in Seven Hills, NV

Though extremely durable, wool carpets are an investment that is still susceptible to stains and damage. With proper maintenance and care, wool carpets can last a lifetime. Tough Carpet Cleaning would like to share some tips and suggestions to better keep your wool carpets in healthy condition.

Cleaning Wool Carpets

Specific cleaners are required for wool carpets and not all cleaners are safe. When you buy a carpet cleaner be sure to inspect the label to ensure it is safe for wool carpets. A cleaner designed specifically for wool carpets is highly recommended.

Wool Carpet Cleaners

Bleach (chlorine) or bleach-based cleaners disintegrates the wool fibers. Laundry detergent is especially not user-friendly on wool carpets. Typically, taking care of tough stains without fading the wool’s colors, peroxide can often be used. To gently remove grease or grime substances from accidental spills on wool carpets, a minimal dishwashing liquid soap solution is essential. The organic substances can be effectively removed by bio-enzyme cleaners. Be sure to perform a patch test in an inconspicuous area to ensure the integrity is not compromised no matter if you use a commercial product or a DIY concoction.

Water Damage from Wet Wool Carpets

When moisture makes contact with wool carpets, being a natural fiber, it will not stretch or become warped nor shrink. Like with all carpeting materials, using water to treat spots and stains is ideal, however too moisture can cause water damage. Should your wool carpets get over saturated, accelerating the drying process to the best of your ability is vital. If the weather permits, open up the windows, setup portable fans, and turn on ceiling fans. Also, place a towel and a weight over the top of wool carpets to absorb the moisture. If available, use extraction equipment such as wet/dry vac to extract excess moisture. Should the wool carpets be impacted by flooding, contacting a pro is vital. If the water damage continues, it can be discolored, foul odors can develop, and the mildew and mold can grow. Never use hot water but treat spots with warm or cold water.

Care of Wool Carpets

Daily vacuuming, or at least as frequently as possible, for wool carpets. Vacuum before cleaning before using water or detergents if you need to shampoo the carpets yourself. Use a white cloth to treat spills and only pat or blot, never scrub or rub. Treat spills before they have the opportunity to absorb into the fibers and become a stain. Wool carpets contain a natural waxy coating that is designed to repel and are less likely to develop into a stubborn or permanent stain. The sooner the spill is treated the better off the carpet because the longer a stain settles the more difficult it is to remove.

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It is in your better interest that your wool carpets are cleaned by a professional one or two times a year or more with deep cleaning being tricky on wool carpets. As wool carpets are tricky to clean, call Tough Carpet Cleaning and let our certified professionals take care of your wool carpets.

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