How Often Should a Carpeted Room Be Deep Cleaned in Canyon Gate, NV? Asthma, Kids, Pets & More

Most people that have carpets in their home know that routine vacuuming is important along with getting the carpet professionally deep cleaned once a year. However, there are some circumstances that can result in you needing to have the carpets deep cleaned a little more often. Today, we at Tough Carpet Cleaning would like to discuss the circumstance that should prompt more frequent carpet cleaning services.

Why is My Asthma & Allergy Symptoms Worse at Home?

People who frequent allergy symptoms must use vacuum cleaners every day because dust can easily be trapped in fibers. To effectively remove allergens and dust particles, ensure these vacuums must have HEPA filters. You need to be extremely careful when you have dust allergies. In severe cases, you may need to deep clean the carpets every couple of months.

Kids Can Get Sick from Dirty Carpet

Kids can be a lot of fun, but not everything is easy. Amongst the long list of things that kids often ruin, are carpets. There are so many ways that kids can get the flooring dirty from dropping food to walking in muddy shoes. The need for a cleaning process increases significantly. Vacuum the carpets daily if you have one or more kids in your home. The buildup of leftover food items, dirt, dust, and other debris will compound quickly, and it will need to be removed more often. Under these circumstances, experts recommend getting the carpets deep cleaned every 6 months.

Ingrained Dirt in Carpet from Pets

Pets can even be more destructive than kids. Huge stains can easily form from the pet’s muddy paws. Pets are also known to spread dander, lice, and even parasites onto the carpeted floor. With pets, daily vacuuming is a must. After every 3 to 6 months, professionals recommend getting the carpets deep cleaned. Pet messes are never easily. As many pets can have potty accidents, leading to extreme staining and odors. With pet accidents, immediate attention is required, and possibly professional cleaning. To maintain its look, pet owners must know how often their carpet should be professionally cleaned. Poor hygiene and delaying the cleanup can cause foul odors as well.

Dark Color Carpet is Easiest to Keep Looking Clean

Light-colored carpets require more attention. Not only will they brighten a room, but they easily become dirty. In a nutshell, light colors need more cleanliness. People having white carpeting need to be diligent in the cleaning process, for example. You need to vacuum often and at least once every six months get the carpets deep cleaned to keep them shiny and bright.

Maintain Carpet Warranty

A specific warranty is attached to all new carpet. How many times their purchase needs cleaning is advised with every buyer. Generally, it is once every year. Also, if the carpet is delicate, then the time frame can change.

Bad Habits Can Dirty Carpet

The amount of dirt within home only increases with poor habits. As these both add to the dust and dirt, avoid wearing shoes on the carpets and smoking tobacco products. Fumes and nicotine settle on the carpet fibers. To help you remove all harmful substances and odors, you need professional carpet cleaning as often as necessary.

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