How Often Do Commercial Carpets Need to Be Cleaned in Seven Hills, NV? Foot Traffic, Carpet Maintenance & More

When you are trying to maintain your commercial carpet, you know that professional cleaning is going to play an important role in extending the life of that carpet and getting as many years as possible out of it. This can leave many business owners asking how often they need to have their commercial carpet professionally cleaned to keep it in good condition. Just like many other things, the answer is, it depends. There are many factors that play a role in how often you need to have your commercial carpet cleaned. Tough Carpet Cleaning is here to talk about bit about what needs to be done to get as many years as possible out of your commercial carpet.

Factors in Setting Commercial Carpet Cleaning Schedule

Following are some of the main factors that determine how frequently you need to have your commercial carpet cleaned.
– Carpet Maintenance: How well your commercial carpet is maintained will help determine how often the pros need to come in and clean things up. You should be vacuuming your carpet every day at the end of business hours. Spot cleaning should also be happening between professionally carpet cleaning to help with staining issues. If these two things are happening, you don’t have to have professional cleaning as often.
– Entry Mats: You need to make sure you have mats at every entrance into your building. This helps to remove the dirt and debris from the bottom of your customer’s shoes before they step foot onto your carpet. Make sure the mats are getting cleaned and vacuumed regularly as well.
– Foot Traffic on Carpet: Foot traffic is going to look different for every commercial establishment. Depending on how many people are walking on your carpet each day, you may have to have your carpet cleaned professionally more often. Anytime you start to see traffic patterns in the carpet, it’s time to call in the pros.
– Age of Carpet: As your carpet gets older, it isn’t uncommon to have the need for professional cleaning more often. The older it gets, the more frequently you need to have it professionally cleaned to keep it looking good.
– Cleaning Schedule: When the carpet is professionally cleaned, it is vital that no one walks on it until it is completely dried. When your employees and customers are walking on the carpet while it is still wet, there is dirt and debris that is transferred to the carpet. Giving it ample time to dry will help extend the time between professional cleanings as well.

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In a nutshell, most commercial carpeting needs to be cleaned by the pros at Tough Carpet Cleaning at least once a year. If there is harsh weather involved or unusually high traffic, you may need to increase that to quarterly or in some cases, monthly. Whatever your commercial carpet cleaning needs are you can trust our technicians to leave your carpet looking like new again. Call us today!

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