How Do You Treat a Coffee Spill on Carpet in Green Valley Ranch, NV? Diluting Stain, Steam Cleaning & More

Many people will wake up to a fresh brew of their favorite coffee. Coffee helps many people start their day. However, it is never a good day when your coffee spills all over your carpets. When coffee spills on your carpets, and if not cleaned right away and properly, the coffee can leave behind permanent stains. Tough Carpet Cleaning will share a few tips on how to remove coffee stains to prevent a permanent stain on your carpets. When you are not a professional carpet cleaner, you will not have all of the professional cleaning equipment on hand. However, you can remove coffee stains as long as you tend to the spill quickly. To remove fresh coffee stains you can use a number of different DIY cleaners.

Soak Up Coffee Spill on Carpet

When coffee stains first occur, you will want to remove as much of the liquid as possible. Using a dry cleaning cloth, gently press down over the coffee spill. You will want to absorb as much of the liquid into the cloth as you can. When pressing down on the coffee spill, never press onto the entire stain at once. Instead, press around the edges of the coffee spill and work your way towards the center. This method will prevent the stain from spreading outward and soaking deeper into the carpet.

Dilute Coffee Stain on Carpet

Next you will want to dilute the coffee in the carpet. Do this by pouring cold water over the spill and repeat pressing on the liquid using the same method. Repeat pouring of the water and absorbing out the liquid at least three times. Now you are ready to apply the cleaner to your coffee stain. For a quick DIY cleaner to remove coffee spills, combine one tablespoon of liquid dish soap, and one tablespoon of white vinegar with two cups of warm water. When applying the cleaner make sure to start from the outside of the spill and work your way towards the center. Using a clean towel or cloth blot at the spill. You may be tempted to scrub at the stain. Never scrub at the stain as you will risk spreading it and damaging the carpet. Using the cleaner, apply and blot at the stain until it is gone. Once the stain is no longer visible, you will want to rinse out the soapy mixture. Using the same method of diluting the coffee spill, you will want to pour clean water over the site and suck out the water using a cloth. Repeat pouring and pressing down over the site with a dry cloth until there is no soapy residue in the carpet.

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Some carpet types and some coffees can prove harder to remove than others. If you are unable to completely remove the coffee stain, then you will want to seek out a professional carpet cleaning service. A professional will be able to remove the more stubborn stains and help you reclaim stain free carpets. For professional carpet stain removal or other carpet cleaning services and more, contact Tough Carpet Cleaning today.

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