How Do I Know if My Couch is Dirty & Needs Cleaning in Green Valley Ranch, NV; Stains, Odors, Pet Hair & More

When you come home after a long day at work, where do you go? Many people go to the couch and sit down to relax. Maybe you eat dinner on your couch or have your drinks while you’re watching a show. Whatever you are doing your couch or chair is a great place for most people to sit and relax at the end of the day. If you are sitting on your couch every day it is going to get dirty. You do not want to let your couch and chairs get too dirty. So what are the signs that it is time for an upholstery cleaning? Tough Carpet Cleaning is here to tell you the signs and help you know when it is time for a cleaning.

Upholstery Stains are Showing

Over the years stains start showing up on your couches and chairs. Even when you think you catch them in time, over the years the couch looks dirtier and dirtier from stains. Stains from juices, coffee, food, wine, or kids can end up staining and making your couch and chairs dirty. Getting your upholstery cleaned can help get your couch and chairs looking nice again and get rid of all the stains that have been collected on your upholstery over the years.

Pet Hair on Sofa

We love our pets, we treat them like family. Many of our pets are allowed on your couches so they can snuggle with us. Even if you don’t let your pets on your couch or chairs when they shed that hair can still get down inside of your furniture. The best way to clean your furniture is to get it professionally cleaned. A professional can get the hair out that has been embedded into the furniture.


Your allergies can act up because of several things. One of those things can be your furniture. Your upholstery can become very dirty with dust, pollen, and pet dander. If those are down inside your furniture then they can become airborne when you sit down, causing your allergies to act up. Getting your furniture deep cleaned can help with your allergies.

Smells on Upholstered Furniture

Your home should not have a lingering unpleasant odor to it. If you notice when you are on your furniture that the smell is coming from your couch. This is a great indicator that it is time for an upholstery cleaning. A professional will come and clean, getting that smell out of the furniture.

Couch Color Looking Dull

Over the years with your furniture getting used and exposed to sunlight your furniture will start to look dull. When you get your upholstery cleaned this can help brighten up your couch and give it a fresh new look.

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If your furniture has been long overdue for an upholstery cleaning then don’t wait any longer. You spend money on your furniture make sure you take care of it. There are so many benefits to getting your furniture cleaned. Give Tough Carpet Cleaning a call to get your furniture cleaned today.

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