How Best to Clean Mop & Sanitize a Tile & Grout Floor in Inspirada, NV; Traditional VS Steam Mopping

Particularly in the bathroom and kitchen, tile and grout flooring are durable options for homes. Tile and grout flooring are common because they are simple to maintain, and still look gorgeous with the many options available. Keeping them bright, spotless, and long-lasting is relatively simple. To keep this flooring type clean, the problem, however, is homeowners finding the maximum effective method. Traditional methods and steam cleaning methods; there are basically two options when it comes to mopping the floor. In order to help you decide which is better for your cleaning efforts, we at Tough Carpet Cleaning would like analyze steam VS traditional mopping for tile floors today.

How Does a Regular Floor Mop Work?

Maybe some tile cleaner, and a mop of your choice, traditional mopping is usually done with a hot bucket of water. Being the most common examples, the mops come in quite a few options, such as flat mops, sponge mops, rope mops, and dust mops. Some prefer to do it the old fashion way with their hot bucket of water or cleaner, and a rag, cleaning the floor by hand in some traditional mopping methods.

Does Steam Cleaning Really Sanitize?

With a simple steam cleaner designed for tile flooring steam cleaning method. With a more efficient clean, it makes drying time less and expedite the cleaning process. Steam cleaners have many models that are equipped with different attributes to expand your cleaning like traditional mopping. To make carrying the single device for cleaning, they simplify the process. Steam cleaning does the same and more by eliminating the germs as well, just as traditional mopping removes the spots and residues. Also, steam cleaning destroys up to 99.99% of bacteria that lead to common illnesses since the water is hot enough to kill germs. This method is especially ideal for homes with kids and pets because it is more eco-friendly and safer. Steam cleaning is safe and still effective.

Advantages at Traditional Mopping of Tile

1) Traditional methods are more work for those that have energy to burn and like to sweat.
2) The initial cost to mops and bucket is less expensive, being cheaper than steam mops. However, more money is spent on replacement mop heads and cleaners.
3) You need the cleaners, and traditional options for mopping, there are not fragrances attached to steam cleaning, if you like the extra scents.

Pros of Steam Mopping Tile

1) The steaming method kills germs and traditional mopping doesn’t.
2) Without the use of chemicals, promotes a safer environment.
3) Reducing the labor involved.
4) Dry time is faster, since less water is used.
5) You can invest in one that does more than tile flooring, being that steam cleaning models have many features, but other hard floor surfaces, countertops and showers as well.
6) Instead of mops, buckets, and other paraphernalia, making the load less, you only need to use the steam clean.

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With the experts of Tough Carpet Cleaning and let our professionals take care of the rest, choosing your method of routine cleaning boils down to preference, you should schedule periodic professional deep tile and grout cleaning.

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