Don’t Use Chemical Carpet Spotters that Need an Extractor Machine in Eldorado, NV

Carpets are constantly at risk for stains and spots. Common accidents include beverage spills, pet accidents, mud and grass stains that get tracked inside and so forth. With endless variables, carpets are likely to get tarnished by the assortment of substances. When they happen, we are finding too many people reach for the carpet spotters. Today, we at Tough Carpet Cleaning would like to share why you should ultimately avoid these products when treating carpet spots.

Carpet Spotters Need an Extractor Machine

In order for most carpet spotters to efficiently work, they require extraction methods. Carpet spotters are not only used to remove spots, but they are designed and formulated to help loosen the compact soil beneath the carpet’s surface. To accomplish their goal, there is soap in the formula. If not completely extracted, the soapy residue clings to the carpets surface, which is a magnet for dust and dirt. Over time a new brown spot will develop within a few days in the area that was originally treated to remove the spots. Typically, when there is an accidental spill on the carpet, people will reach for the carpet spotter, spray the offending blemish and use a rag to scrub the spot until they are satisfied it is gone. However, over the next few days, the dust and dirt will draw onto the soap residue left behind, leading to an obvious brown spot.

Read Carpet Cleaner Spotter Labels

Take the time to read over the label before buying a carpet spotter to avoid this occurrence. If the label says anything like “apply to spot before extraction cleaning”, don’t use it. Whenever a carpet cleaning product includes extraction cleaning in the directions they are referencing the use of high-powered steamers or extraction vacuums that lift the dirt, debris and stains in addition to the soapy residues. Never attempt to use a standard vacuum, you will only create a messier spot and put your vacuum at high risk for damage. If you are looking for a deep extraction cleaning, consider a professional service instead, otherwise you will have to buy or rent the steamer or carpet extraction equipment and if you do not know how to use them, you could cause damage to the carpets.

Homemade Carpet Cleaner Spotter Recipe

To have a cleaner you can use to treat the spots that turn up on the carpet, mix equal parts water and white vinegar in a spray bottle. This solution is an effective spot remover and can be easily stored with your cleaning supplies for your convenience. Vinegar is natural, noon-toxic, and safe to use on carpets. Vinegar also contains no soap, eliminating the soap residue issue. When treating the spot, simply mist the area moderately, be careful not to over saturate. Use a damp cloth to blot the spot and repeat until it dissipates. Once your spot is removed, place a dry top on the treated area and remove as much moisture as possible.

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If you have tough stains that the vinegar formula cannot cut through, you need a professional. Call Tough Carpet Cleaning and our team of experts will utilize our effective quality products and high powered extraction equipment to remove the stains, dirt and debris rooted in the carpet, and neutralize any odors.

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