Carpet Stain Removal Guide in Desert Shores, NV; Treat Spills Right Away, Patch Test Spray Cleaners & More

Keeping your carpet clean can feel like a never ending task, especially if you have children running around along with your four legged friends like a beloved pet dog or cat. Stains and spills can occur on a daily basis, from spaghetti sauce to red wine. These spills can cause your carpet some serious damage if not properly cared for. While having a handy mental book of how to care for spills is more than helpful, using the wrong techniques can be more damaging to your carpet than the initial spill. Cleaning up a spill improperly can result in a long lasting stain that will be extremely difficult to remove. Tough Carpet Cleaning offers some helpful stain removal tips below.

Treat Carpet Spills Right Away

One of the biggest mistakes made when it comes to cleaning up a spill on carpet, is that is it often not cleaned up immediately after the spill or accident occurs. A tip of your wine glass will send the liquid seeping into the fibers of your carpet, or if a pet has an accident, the pet’s accident will immediately begin seeping into your carpet as well. Anytime wasted between the spills and cleaning up the spill is time that the carpet fibers will be soaking all of the liquid up. By moving quickly and cleaning up the accident immediately after it occurs, you will eliminate any chance of a stain being left behind.

Patch Test Carpet Cleaner Spray

There are a plethora of different carpet cleaning products available to consumers that promise complete stain removal, odor removal and other desired results. Most of these products suggest testing the product on a small patch of carpet before going full on against the stain on your carpet. Unfortunately many consumers skip this suggestion and end up using the wrong type of cleanser on their carpet, destroying the patch of carpet that the stain was on and leaving the area looking even worse. Take the proper steps with each cleaning product and follow directions closely, they are only there to assist you in properly cleaning your carpet.

Cons of Carpet Deodorizer Powder

Deodorizing powder is a fairly new product in the carpet care industry, and many consumers mistake the deodorizing powder for a cleaner rather than a smelling agent. These powders are solely for the smell of your carpet and in no way can clean out any dirt or grime stains in your carpet flooring. Some homeowners use these powders way too often; this can cause damage to vacuum cleaners, resulting in buildup within the vacuum’s filters. For the absolute best results contact a professional carpet cleaner.

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