Carpet Cleaning Hacks in Summerlin, NV; How to Remove Set in Mud, Red Wine Stains & More

When you are trying to keep a house clean you have to use equipment and tools to make sure they are done well. The great thing is that there are hacks that you can use in your everyday life to make it easier. The reason behind hacks is to make tasks that might be difficult simpler. It seems like with everyone having a busy schedule and that means that it can be difficult to make time. One area of the house that you want to make sure you have a plan on how to keep clean is the carpet. The carpet is an area that is being used and walked on and even spilled on. It is not something that you can take out and toss in the wash so having some carpet cleaning hacks is the way to go. Tough Carpet Cleaning outlines some amazing carpet cleaning hacks you can use.

What Takes Chewing Gum Out of Carpet?

One of the hardest to deal with spots on your carpet happens to be chewed gum. You hope that your family is not chewing gum and then spitting it out on the carpet. Even if they are not there are other ways that gum can end up on your carpet. The most common way that gum can be on your carpet is when you step on some outside and bring it in on the bottom of the shoe. As you walk in the house he gum can get off the shoe and attach to the carpet. The best way to clean it off is with a hack. The hack is to use ice and freeze the gum. You cannot work with the gum if it is sticky so placing a bag of ice on the area is a great way to harden it and start to pick the pieces away from the carpet.

Hot to Remove Set in Mud Stains on Carpet?

When it comes to messes that you may find on your carpet the majority of them require immediate action. That is not true all of the time if you use a cleaning hack for mud. If there is wet weather outdoors your dog or family can bring mud in the house. The mud can start to spread everywhere and if you try and remove it the mess may get worse. The hack is to allow the mud to dry out before you touch it at all. Once it is dry you can remove the larger pieces then use your vacuum to get the rest of the mess pulled off the carpet.

Can Red Wine Stains Be Removed from Carpet?

Throwing a dinner party is a great way to spend time with friends and family. If the party falls out into the living room and you are bringing your glass of wine with you a spill can occur. The wine can cause a major stain on the carpet but there is a hack. If you are serving red wine be sure to have a bottle of white on hand. The white wine can be used over the red wine to dilute it and make it simpler to remove the stain.

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