Can Carpet Cleaning Improve Indoor Air Quality in Silverado Ranch, NV? Remove Bacteria, Mold & More

Poor air quality inside the home can be due to a number of different elements. Some of the primary culprits that contribute to poor indoor air quality are the air ducts and carpet. These two aspects of the home, if not properly maintained, can lead to poor indoor air quality and even an unhealthy environment. Tough Carpet Cleaning would like to focus on carpets and how they affect your indoor air.

Can Bacteria Live in Carpet?

It can come as a surprise for many to hear that the carpet in their home is filled with bacteria. Bacteria is produced when carpets are exposed to food or drink spills, dead skin, pet waste, and dirt. When the right elements accumulate inside the carpet, bacteria will begin to form and spread. Bacteria will eventually become airborne and household members will breath in the bacteria.

Mold Carpet Cleaner

Another major contaminate that thrives in carpets is mold. If carpet has been exposed to water, and if not cleaned correctly, mold will quickly form inside the carpet. There are many different types of mold. Depending on the conditions and what other contaminates are present, different mold will form. Where some molds pose a lesser threat there are others that are hazardous. Mold will release spores into the air where they are breathed in. Mold can cause minor allergic reactions or cause major respiratory infections.

Allergens in Carpets

Carpet can be effected by bacteria and mold which is a major contributor to indoor allergies. However, carpet can also contain dander, pollen, dust and pest waste. Pests, such as dust mites live in carpet. As they breed, live, and die, they will leave behind feces and their own skin flakes. Pollen can enter inside the home either through an open window or on clothing, shoes, or your pets. There are many ways allergens enter the home and carpets easily absorbs all of the different types of allergens.

Carpet Cleaning to Improve Indoor Air Quality

When it comes to combating bad indoor air quality, one effective step is by keeping your carpet clean. To reduce the amount of contaminates in the carpet, homeowners should vacuum the carpet at least once a week or more. The bigger the household as well as those with pets may need to vacuum their carpet every other day just to keep up on all the dirt and other contaminates that may enter the home. Along with routine vacuuming, carpets should be cleaned. It is strongly recommended to seek professional carpet cleaning. A professional carpet cleaning service has all of the tools, training, and equipment to effectively clean the carpet. For those who have less experience will often improperly clean their carpet. One common mistake made during DIY carpet cleaning is that the carpets are oversoaked and the water isn’t extracted completely. When the water and soap isn’t removed properly, it will lead to mold and damage to the carpets. This is one major example of improper carpet cleaning. To have cleaner indoor air, you will find professional services are more than worth the investment.

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