Best Carpet Cleaning Hacks in Whitney, NV; Tricks for How to Remove Muddy Footprints & More

When it comes to the internet there are a lot of really beneficial things that are out there. There are also lots of things that you can waste time scrolling through for your own entertainment. One of the benefits happens to be that the access we have to helpful tips and advice are easy to see. These have their own name and are considered a hack. A hack is anything that you can do that is out of the ordinary or a way to make something simpler to accomplish. When it comes to keeping your carpets clean there are lots of hacks you can use. The problem with carpets is that you have to deal with many different types of stains and spots that will occur on your floors. When it comes to some of the hardest to treat spots and stains there are lots of hacks that are out there. Tough Carpet Cleaning offers some life hacks to clean stains and spots on your carpets.

Cleaning Muddy Footprints on Carpet

The weather can often bring in moisture whether it is from rain, cold, snow and more. When there is moisture that is on the ground it can create mud. The mud that is created can often get stuck to the bottom of your feet. It can also stick to the feet of your pets as well. When there is mud that comes in the house it can get stuck to the carpet. Most messes on the carpet need to be treated right away. When it comes to mud in the house you want to make sure that you use a life hack. Mud is one of the stains that you need to allow to dry before you do anything to it. Once the mud has been dried you can remove the larger pieces and tossed in the trash. Then you want to run the vacuum over the rest of the area to get the dust that is left behind.

How to Remove Gum from Carpet

If you have ever been walking through a parking lot you know that it is inevitable to step on someone’s gum they spit out. When there is gum on your shoe it can easily be transferred to the carpet when you come in the house. You may not have realized that there is gum on your shoe until it is too late. The hack to getting gum off your carpet is to use ice and freeze the gum to make it a solid. Once you have set the ice on the area you can then use a hard object like a butter knife to pick the gum away from the carpet. Then you can repeat the process if you need to.

Removing Dried Red Wine from Carpet

Filling a glass of red wine is a way to unwind and enjoy a dinner with a friend or loved one. The red wine can be dropped on the carpet and that is a hard stain to remove. The great hack is to use white wine. You can dab it at the area and use a clean cloth to pull it away from the carpet. The white wine dilutes the red stain as long as you get to cleaning right away.

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